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If you have a business, then no doubt that you will be having a great understanding of it. But there are rules and regulations that are made for every type of business, which you may not be completely aware of. In order to follow those rules and keeping your business on a safer side, you are often required to get professional help from an Avocat, a French attorney. Being experienced with the legal issues, they will provide better guidance for the establishment of your business. However, here we are mentioning some laws that you may not be aware of, but you need to consider them while doing business.

Contracts and real estate law

Though are often used, but the contracts in the real estate are least understood. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, no excuse works for not understanding the real estate law and contracts.

 Commercial and Corporate law

There are number of things that are included in the commercial and corporate laws. Though they are related to each other, but both are different terms. In the commercial law, it is ensured that the seller has paid for the things he delivered and the buyer has got the things he has ordered for. In corporate law, the buying of shares and corporate assets is considered. It also includes the consequences that various transactions can have on the tax. These matters are complex and a professional assistance to deal with these issues will be of great help.


If you are running a business, then most probably you may need to get involved in the litigations. You may need to file litigation against your business partners, client or any other person and the case can be vice-versa. Litigation can also be related to family issues. It order to get the work done in the way you want, you need to hire a professional attorney who will guide you about the right procedure and right time for litigation. Though most of the litigations are settled by agreements, but some cases are heard in the court. In such a case, only an experienced attorney can help you to get the desired results.

Construction and urban law

There are number of laws that come under the construction and urban laws in France. These include compulsory purchase law, liability of the constructor, liability of the seller and more. If you are dealing in a construction company then you are required to be aware of these laws, so that you can keep your business legally protected. There are a number of contracts that you need to make before starting the work, while the work is going on and after the work is done.

However, no matter what business you are doing, you must consult an estate firm to get the right guidance from experienced attorneys.

The Law Firm Zuccarelli Avocats, based in Nice, capital of the French Riviera, provides assistance and legal services over all the French territory.


Real Estate Transactions

Agreements and Draft contracts

Preparation of Contracts of Lease for Residential or Commercial Purposes

Leasing litigation

Co-operative appartment building law


Establishement of companies

Preparation of Contract of Lease and Distribution agreements

Transfer of Goodwill and Lease Right

Transfer of Custom Right

Commercial Litigation

Recovery of Debts, Insolvency

Dissolution- Liquidation

Transfer of Shares and Current Accounts


Contractual Liability

Non-contractual Liability

Actions for Compensation

Recovery of Debts

Car Accidents

International Inheritances

Family Law (Divorces and Custody of Children)


Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

International Private Law

Italian law


Litigation in Building Permit Law

Compulsory purchase Law

Liability of the Constructor

Liability of the Seller



Right of pledge / Lien


Preparation of Labour Contracts

Consulting and Representation in Dismissals


Patents and Trademarks

Copyright law and litigation

Internet litigation

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