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The trusted partner in all your real estate transactions- France – United States

Those who want to buy, sell or rent a property are likely to be in a dilemma – whether to hire an attorney or a real-estate agent. The laws pertaining to real estate change from state to state and some of the state even insist that preparation of the documents, title search and closing of the deal are to be done by an attorney only. However, the complexity of real estate buying and selling and the various risks involved in it compels the buyer as well as seller to hire a real estate agent also who can ably guide them throughout the process and also can speed up the process. The experienced real estate agent will ably negotiate the deal and he will be familiar with the practices and prevailing trends in the particular place where the property is situated. The Zuccarelli law firm can be your trusted partner in your real estate buying, selling and renting at any part of the world.

Real estate attorney cum agent in Nice, France

Just like a professional real estate firm, The Zuccarelli law firm will take care of the negotiations as well as the contracting aspects of the deal. At the same time, we act as your attorney also. The real estate agent will require the service of an attorney to sort out the various legal issues that are likely to arise during the transactions. We can ably guide you in such situations and give a clear and final answer regarding the feasibility of the deal. When Zuccarelli law firm is with you, you need not search for a real estate agent as well as an attorney. Since we have the expertise to deal with all types of problems that occur in property buying, selling and renting we act as your real estate attorney while also representing you as your real estate agent in negotiations and all other aspects of the process.

Protecting your interests

The Zuccarelli law firm will explain to you various aspects of the purchase agreement which will be a very crucial document of the transaction.

Documents free of mistakes

The Zuccarelli law firm is committed to protect you from complications due to mistakes that are made during the buying or selling process. We conduct a thorough review of all documents prior to signing. We consider each and every aspect of the property as well as circumstance so as to find out whether there is something unique about the particular deal. We ensure that all critical documents such as Title, Deed, Title Insurance and Land Survey are free of mistakes.


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